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We Enlightenment Resurgence are on a mission to help people meditate in a very simple way and also by using various ways which will help them to achieve any goal in their life, nowadays there are various meditation apps for meditation but Enlightenment is very different because we are not only focusing on calming your mind, removing anxiety attacks, relieving stress but also we are specifically working on the process of Enlightenment which is the ultimate goal of meditation and being a human we need to liberate ourselves to achieve the highest possible happiness.


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Enlightenment Features

Awesome Features

Energy medicine

This part of app also contains very special types of sound frequencies which is also known as the ancient (solfeggio tones) for health, wealth and happiness, these frequencies are specially designed to target specific part of your energy system to enhance it fully.

Enlightenment Graph

Enlightenment Graph is a revolutionary feature within our app that serves as a visual representation of your spiritual growth journey. By tracking key metrics such as consistency, focus, and mindfulness levels across your meditation sessions, the Enlightenment Graph provides valuable insights into your progress towards enlightenment.

Aura & Energy Cleansing

This part of Enlightenment contains very special features like Aura and Energy cleansing which will really help you to shine biologically and also internally cleaning your whole energy system, and your aura is nothing but the reflection of your mental and physical health so these frequencies logically improves your physical and mental health also.

Breathing exercise

The Breathing Exercise feature in our Enlightenment app offers a transformative experience designed to enhance your mindfulness practice. Through a series of guided breathing exercises, users can engage in rhythmic breathing techniques proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and promote overall well-being. Whether you're seeking relaxation, stress relief, or mental clarity, our Breathing Exercise feature provides a convenient and effective way to cultivate mindfulness and balance in your daily life.

Surrounding sensing

Surrounding Sensing, an advanced feature of our Enlightenment app, utilizes cutting-edge technology including magnetic field and light sensors to enhance your mindfulness journey. By integrating these sensors into the meditation experience, users are prompted to become more attuned to their environment, fostering a deeper connection to the present moment. Whether it's noticing subtle shifts in magnetic fields or changes in ambient light, this feature encourages heightened awareness and presence.

Meditation music according to your mood

Enlightenment Resurgence contains features like feeling meditation, in this we will recommend you the perfect frequencies for all your state of mind like Stressed, Tired, Unmotivated ,Sad, Depressed, Grateful, In pain, Happy, loving, Peaceful, Excited, Angry.

Enlightenment overview

Simple and easy to use for Beginner as well as Advance level meditators

Featuring some of the problem solving features of Enlightenment

Anti-Depression sounds

Repair and Reconstruct relationships

Success and Growth meditation

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